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Tissue Tap


Product Description
Tissue carrier tape with acrylic adhesive double coated . It has a very high initial tack and good adhesion to a widely variety of surfaces.

Key Features
Excellent initial adhesion.
Excellent resistance to high temperature.
Good adhesion to film and plastic materials

Application Ideas
Adhesive to name plate, film, membrane switch, foam materials, fabric materials as well as plastic materials.


Item No. Thickness(mm) Color 180° Peel Adhesion (gf/25mm) Dynamic Shear Strength (gf/cm2) Temperature Resistance (°C) Dimension
2316L 0.16 White 2500 5000 80 Any width x50M
2316LV 0.16 White 2500 5000 80
D216 0.16 White 2500 4000 80